Babson’s Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs®

Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs®

Babson’s Academy of DistinguisHed Entrepreneurs

In 1978, Babson College established the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs® (ADE), the world’s first entrepreneurship hall of fame.

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, C. Dean Metropoulos, chairman and CEO of Metropoulos & Co., will be inducted as a new member.

We will honor the outstanding business and philanthropic contributions of C. Dean Metropoulos ’67, MBA’68, who earned his BS and MBA from Babson. He has been involved in more than 81 acquisitions during the past 30 years, and has earned some of the most attractive returns on Wall Street. Highly respected for his integrity and commitment, he is known worldwide for his achievements and generosity.

On November 10, 2016, the ADE inducted two new members: Sheila Lirio Marcelo, the founder, chairwoman, and CEO of, and Stephen Kaufer, the CEO and co-founder of TripAdvisor. Both Marcelo and Kaufer are remarkable innovators whose organizations are fundamentally transforming the way consumers use technology to improve their lives, and we are honored to recognize their continuing positive impact in business and society.

 Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs 2016 Ceremony

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About the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs

Since its inception, the academy has recognized and honored entrepreneurs who have contributed significantly to the development of free enterprise throughout the world.

Nominations of world-class entrepreneurs who have created great economic and social value are solicited from the Babson community as well as from outside the institution. Through the years, Babson has celebrated entrepreneurs of all kinds as illustrated by the impressive list of inductees. Collectively, the 98 members of the academy have created millions of jobs and improved societies around the world.

Many of the most successful and visible entrepreneurs in the world are members of the academy. They represent companies that are some of the most highly regarded in their industry and household icons in their culture. These members have capitalized on the need for change, accepted the associated risk and responsibility, and made an impact on the world. The energy and innovation embodied by these individuals will be appreciated and applauded for many generations to come.