As part of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator Program, the undergraduate and graduate Hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information among student teams, faculty, executives-in-residence and visiting entrepreneurs.

The Hatcheries function like incubators where student entrepreneurs have access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their businesses. Student businesses go through an application process before they are selected. Teams are awarded space in the Hatcheries one term at a time.

Spring 2016 Hatchery Businesses

Graduate Businesses

Cargo 42

Francine Gervazio M'16, Murilo Amaral M'16 and Alfredo Keri M'16

Cargo42 is a digital platform that connects shippers to carriers simplifying and optimizing the way they do business.


Diego Pacheco M'16 and Andres Valencia M'15

Cociel is a conscious brand created to support local producers and boost their businesses, while sharing the joy of our tropical flavors to international markets.


Richard Palmer M'16 and Adam Martel M'17

Gravyty helps nonprofit organizations raise more money by increasing their fundraisers’ efficiency with actionable data analytics and predictive modeling tools. It gives fundraisers the ability to maximize their time building relationships with the right donors at the right time.


Shriyans Bhandari MSM'16

At Greensole, we recycle discarded sports shoes to comfortable footwear and provide them to the neediest through corporates, NGOs and schools. We market a part of the footwear manufactured towards building a self-sustaining social venture.


Fernando Duque M'16 and Josmil Lopez M'16

Leassy.com is a two-sided online platform that will connect people who have idle goods at home with people who want to rent them.

Load&Road LLC

Kazunori Kawanobe M'16, Abhinav Sureka M'16 and Mayuresh Soni M'16

Load&Road LLC provides products with new technologies. Our first product is a thermos bottle named "Teplo". With Teplo, people can enjoy hot beverages anytime and anywhere."


Bryanne Leeming M'16

JumpSmart combines learning engineering concepts and coding with physical activity for kids ages eight to twelve by utilizing a programmable mat that allows kids to create their own interactive games and experience the process of invention first-hand.

Undergraduate Businesses

College C.A.M.P.

Nick Valles '18

COLLEGE C.A.M.P. is an educational initiative that assists high school students in recognizing their potentials so that they can succeed in college and beyond.

Intelligent Payment Networks

Max Miller '16

Intelligent Payment Networks provides the best solutions for electronic payment acceptance, processing, and management across diverse market segments.


Sam Sternweiler '17

Using real time customization, we provide customers with a fun and easy-to-use platform to design fine jewelry from the comfort of their own home.

J.W. Hunt Organics

Trevor Grode '19, Alex Wagner '19, Devin Murphy '19, Charles Morris '19, Ryan Beaton '19 and David Brao '19

J.W. Hunt Organics is a health foods company which designs, creates, and sells Hemp food products to retailers and restaurants.

Kanga Trash & Energy Systems

Brian Kelley '18

Kanga Trash & Energy Systems LLC seeks to provide stadiums and large venues with a clean, modern collection bag and attachment that allows patrons to dispose of their trash underneath their seat without leaving it on the ground.


Emily Levy '16 and Maria del Mar Gomez '16

PICCPerfect is creating functional fashion for medical accessories. Its first product is the PICCPerfect PICC line cover for patients undergoing long term IV treatment. PICCPerfect is a safe and stylish way to protect PICC lines.


Brendan Barbato '17

Shelfie is an interactive, social platform where charities can create value, enhance their image, and strengthen customer intimacy by directly marketing to their customers through fun and exciting photo contests!