​CGI U: Clinton Global Initiative University

The Clinton Global Initiative University annual meeting brings together more than 1,000 innovative student leaders to make Commitments to Action in CGI U's five focus areas: Education, Environment and Climate change, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health. Babson has sent students to the conference since becoming a University Network member in 2013, and the students involved have continually been recognized as change makers on campus. 

Commitments to Action, a unique feature of the CGI U model, are new, specific, and measurable initiatives that address global challenges across CGI U's five focus areas. The Lewis Institute mentors student commitment-makers as they develop and implement their plans, as well as invests in commitments that we believe can gain traction and are scalable.

CGI U 2017 will take place on October 13th-15th at Northeastern University. All current students are eligible to apply, even if you are graduating this May. The Early Decision and Travel Assistance deadline is March 1, 2017 and the final decision deadline is May 1, 2017. Visit CGI U to apply now with your Commitment to Action and reach out to The Lewis Institute for any help with the application process.

2016 Babson Commitments to Action

Emily Levy '16, Maria del Mar Gomez '16, Julianne Carlin '17
nture: PICCPerfect
Focus: Public Health
Mission: PICCPerfect is committed to getting functional and fashionable after-market PICC line covers into the hands of those facing long-term difficult treatments.

Danielle Rubenfeld '18
Venture: Bread Run: Helping the hungry in one community as a time
Focus: Poverty Alleviation
Mission: The Bread Run organizes teams of undergraduate students across New England to host events at their college campuses. A Bread Run is a competitive and exciting game that will raise awareness and funds for local hunger and homelessness related charities. 

Yulkendy Valdez '17, Josuel Plasencia '17, Paulina Zarate '17
Venture: Project 99
Focus: Peace and Human Rights
Mission: Project 99 aims to develop the next generation of inclusive and entrepreneurial leaders for the new inclusive economy. The mission is to connect and empower millennials (ages 16-30) through the development of an inclusive leadership platform.

Leinado Marte '18
Venture: Get to Know the Other Side 
Focus: Peace and Human Rights 
Mission: Get to Know the Other Side commits to opening a two-way line of communication between cops and low-income, young, minority males.