Babson Faculty Research Fund Awards

The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) provides support for meritorious projects, but cannot guarantee that all worthy projects are funded. Rather, through a competitive process, the BFRF makes awards to those faculty research projects that have the most promise of advancing the BFRF’s mandate. Course releases reduce teaching loads, allowing additional time for faculty members to devote to a specific research project. Summer stipends area currently set a $10,000. The list below summarizes recent BFRF awards.

Fall & Spring 2015-2016 Course Releases

  • Matt Allen, Entrepreneurship, “Human Capital, Entrepreneurship and the Business Family”
  • Nestor Azcona, Economics, "Deviations from Uncovered Interest Parity in a DSGE Model"
  • S. Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM, “Managing Market Frictions via Cost-Reduction Investment”
  • Bradley George, Entrepreneurship, "The Rise of the B-Corp and its Impact on our Theories and Measures of Performance"
  • Kandice Hauf, History and Society, "The Treatise on Painful Debates by Nie Bao: A Translation and Commentary"
  • Nathan Karst, Math and Science, “Spiral wave formation in fairy ring fungi”
  • Laurie Krigman, Finance, "Down Market IPOs: Trash or Treasure"
  • Toni Lester, Accounting and Law, “Are Contract Morals Clauses Being Applied Fairly to Black Male Celebrities?”
  • Jason Mohaghegh, Arts and Humanities, "Born Upon the Dark Spear: Selected Poems of Ahmad Shamlu"
  • Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Entrepreneurship, "Destruction Of Cognitive Legitimacy and Failure of Industry Emergence" 

Summer 2015 Stipends

  • Lakshmi Balachandra, Entrepreneurship, "Revisiting Investors and Gender Bias: Bias Against The Women of Business or the Business of Women"
  • Marjorie N. Feld, History and Society, "A Straight and Not Very Long Road: American Jews, Apartheid, and the Holocaust. A chapter-length essay in Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Avril Alba, editors, Holocaust Memory, Race and Racism in the Postwar World.
  • Mary Godwyn, History and Society, "Management Education as the Crucible for Ethical Social Change"
  • Sandra Graham, Arts and Humanities, "The Popularization of Spirituals"
  • Mary O'Donoghue, Art and Humanties, "Empennage: Novella and Short Stories"
  • Vikki Rodgers​, Math and Science, "Botanical Art in the Classroom: Using Nature to Bridge the Boundaries of Art, Science, and Business​"
  • Anne Roggeveen, Marketing, “Post-choice Changes in Importance Weights of Chosen vs. Non-chosen Alternative”
  • Ganesan Shankaranarayanan, TOIM, "Framing Data Quality Research"
  • Brian Seitz, Arts and Humanities, “Grids of Power: A Phenomenology of Fuel”
  • Rosa Slegers​, Arts and Humanities, “William James and Henri Bergson” (Book chapter in Understanding James, Understanding Modernism, the third volume in Bloomsbury Press Understanding Modernism series)
  • Janice Yellin, Arts and Humanities, "The Interplay of Egyptian and Meroitic Religion in the Dodecaschoenos (Lower Nubia) During the I century BC - AD IV century."