​​​Babson Faculty Research Fund Awards

The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) provides support for meritorious projects, but cannot guarantee that all worthy projects are funded. Rather, through a competitive process, the BFRF makes awards to those faculty research projects that have the most promise of advancing the BFRF’s mandate. Course releases reduce teaching loads, allowing additional time for faculty members to devote to a specific research project. Summer stipends area currently set a $10,000. The list below summarizes recent BFRF awards.

Fall & Spring 2016-2017 Course Releases

  • Brian Davies, Finance, "Target date funds"
  • Patricia Guinan, TOIM/ Management, "The Impact of Collocation on Agile Software Development Team Success:  Does Distance Really Matter?" 
  • Kandice Hauf, History and Society, "From Victim to Global Culture Producer: Identity Formation Through Music and Theater in Cambodia and the Diaspora"
  • Nathan Karst, Math and Science, “Variability in Streamflow Recession”
  • Phil Kim, Entrepreneurship, "Configurational Effects of Organizational Slack and New Venture Innovation Investment​"
  • Xinghua Li, History and Society, "'Moving Heaven and Earth': Propaganda Posters and the General Assault on Nature in Maoist China"
  • Tina Opie, Management, "Investigating How an Entrepreneurs’ Network of Relationships Impacts Their Perceptions of Self-Efficacy"
  • Scott Taylor, Management, "​Coach Effectiveness: An Integration of Competence, Relationship, and Process Factors"
  • Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Entrepreneurship, "Temporal Sequencing of Certification Signals and IPO Underpricing" 

Summer 2016 Stipends

  • Jennifer Bailey, TOIM, "Managing and Mitigating the Operational Risks in Start-Up Ventures"
  • Lakshmi Balachandra, Entrepreneurship, "Investor Mentor: Evaluating the Entrepreneur as Protégé"
  • Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM, "Value Creation and Continuation Contingencies in Business Angel Contracts"
  • Wiljeana Glover, TOIM, "The Continuous Improvement Journey: How Great Companies use Kaizen Event Programs for Sustained Success"
  • Elizabeth Goldberg, Arts and Humanities, "Freedom, Commerce, and Slavery: The Case of Backage.com"
  • Davit Khachatryan, Math and Science, "​Novel Measures for Depth and Breadth of Patent Applications"
  • Julie Levinson, Arts and Humanities, "Cities of Lost Children: Street Kids and the Urban Imaginary in Global Cinema" Chapter One
  • Jason Mohaghegh, Arts and Humanities, Omnicide: Mania, Fatality, and the Alliances of Middle Eastern and World Thought"
  • Wendy Murphy, Management, "Advancing Women into the Nonprofit Boardroom"
  • Mary O'Donoghue, Arts and Humanities, "Kiddio: Short Stories"
  • Salvatore Parise, TOIM, "Will Workspace Design Make Us More Innovative?​"
  • Virginia (Jenny) Rademacher​, Arts and Humanities, "From economic crisis to entrepreneurship? Self-employment among Spain’s young women​"
    Brian Seitz, Arts and Humanities, “The Value of Warmth:  A Phenomenology of Fur”
  • Rosa Slegers​, Arts and Humanities, “Becky Sharp goes to Business School: Vanity Fair, Adam Smith, and the Attempt to Direct Vanity to Proper Objects
      Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship​
  • Kathleen McKone-Sweet, TOIM, "An Entrepreneurial Framework for Sustainable Healthcare in Low-Resurce Countries"
  • Jonathan Sims, Management, "Community-based Open Innovation in African Healthcare"