Submission Guidelines

  1. Contact the Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations (CFGR) before proceeding with your proposal preparation. Plan to discuss your project, the areas in which you may need assistance, your ideas for possible funding sources, and your timeline. You will be advised to seek approval from your Division Chair and the Provost.
  2. Discuss your project with your Chair for approval followed by the Provost. They should each send an e-mail to CFGR ( indicating their authorization for you to move forward on Babson’s behalf with a proposal.
  3. All proposals for grants that will be administered by Babson College (where funds are to be paid to and disbursed by the College) must be reviewed and approved before they are submitted to the funding agency. This approval process usually takes a full five business days and should be factored into your proposal planning.
  4. When your proposal is in its final form and at least five business days before your submission date, submit to the Office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations in Alumni Hall a copy of the following materials: Full proposal; Final budget; Attachments; Institutional Approval Form signed by you and your Division Chair (see below).
  5. CFGR will review your proposal and budget to ensure it is ready for submission. A copy will be forwarded to the Budget and Financial Services Office for their review and sign off. CFGR will obtain the Provost’s signature on the Approval Form and will obtain a transmittal letter from the appropriate individual (President, Provost or Dean).
  6. CFGR will then make the required number of copies, supply additional Babson documents as required, and will UPS, mail or upload (for electronic submissions) the completed proposal in time to meet the deadline.