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Managing Conflict in Project Teams

Managing Conflict in Project Teams

The goals of this section are to explore the nature of conflict on teams, explain five conflict-handling styles that team members often use in group projects, and provide you with several strategies for managing conflict on teams.

For a brief overview of this section, view the introduction to the Group Project Survival Guide, select Key Topics (2), and then hover over the middle icon. Click the icon to get a brief introduction to Managing Conflict in Project Teams, and a portal to the three presentations on managing conflict.

Alternatively, here are descriptions and links to each of the three presentations (time duration in parentheses):

In each presentation (created in Macromedia Breeze), you can use the “Outline” tab to navigate to a specific part of the presentation, or the “Notes” tab to see a text transcript of each slide. At the end of each presentation there is a brief quiz to test your understanding.

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