​Literary and Visual Arts

Courses in this concentration feature active engagement with a range of literary, visual, musical, and creative arts. These courses challenge students to think and write with increased depth, independence, and creativity about how the arts express and shape individual as well as cultural experiences and identities.

They also explore how the arts inspire joy while educating and enriching us. Students may expect to study formal, aesthetic concerns, as well as the artistic process as a dynamic and strategic series of expressive choices.

Sponsored by: Arts and Humanities Division and History and Society Division

Faculty Contact: Beth Wynstra​

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty with questions.

Required Courses

Students must choose four courses from the following distribution list.

Note: Of these four courses, students must take courses from at least two disciplines out of the three disciplines represented by this list (literature, film, and art). 

  • CVA 2458 After the Dictator
  • ENG 3604 Writing Poetry
  • ENG 3605 Writing Fiction
  • ENG 3610 Writing Creative Non-Fiction
  • FLM 3600 Documentary, Experimental, and Animated Film
  • FLM 3625 Social Issue Documentary: Theory and Practice
  • FLM 3671 Comic Form in Film
  • LIT 3600 Modern Drama
  • LIT 3601 Shakespeare
  • LIT 3611 The East and West: Writings of Trespass
  • LIT 3661 American Autobiography
  • LIT 3663 Limit Cases: International Lit, Film, and Economic Rights
  • LIT 3673 Irish Writing 
  • LIT 3676 Imagining Nature Imagining Ourselves
  • LIT 3682 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
  • LIT 3689 Poetic Elegy
  • LIT 3693 Play, Performance, Perspective: The London Stage in Winter
  • LVA 2402 Lively Literary Massachusetts
  • LVA 2403 Dramatizing the American Dream on Page and Stage
  • LVA 2405 Art as a Visual Language
  • LVA 2407 International Cinema
  • LVA 2409 American Film History
  • LVA 2430 Place and Landscape in American Literature
  • LVA 2432 Foundations in Western Art
  • LVA 2439 Curiosity in Literature
  • LVA 2445 Modernism and the Making of the New
  • LVA 2448 Joy, Beauty, Justice: Literatures of the Black Atlantic
  • LVA 2449 Pilgrims and Pilgrimage in Literature
  • LVA 2453 Business in American Drama
  • LVA 2460 Tales of the City: Exploring Urban Literature
  • LVA 2461 Mad, Bad: Rebels and Anti-Heroes
  • LVA 2467 Film and the City
  • LVA 2471 Sons and Daughters in Fiction and Memoir
  • LVA 2472 Detective Fiction, Noir, and Social Criticism
  • LVA 2473 Middle Eastern Literature
  • LVA 2474 Literature of Witness
  • VSA 3600 Art, Religion, and Politics of Ancient Egypt
  • VSA 3601 Greek and Roman Art
  • VSA 3602 19th Century European Art 
  • VSA 3610 Art in the Early 20th Century
  • VSA 3670 Arts of the Renaissance