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​Statistical Modeling

The goal of this concentration is to teach students advanced statistical methods in a variety of applied areas, such as marketing, finance, strategy, and economics. By applying these methods to numerous real-world problems, students will be able to improve their decision-making skills when dealing with uncertainty. This concentration will help prepare students to identify a problem, collect an​d analyze data, interpret the results, and communicate these results effectively. This liberal arts and management interdisciplinary concentration will provide an opportunity for students to expand upon the statistical methods they learned in QTM 2420. 

Sponsored by: Math and Science Division

Faculty Contact: Steven Eriksen

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty with questions.

Required Courses

In addition to QTM 1300, QTM 1310, and QTM 2420 (old curriculum) or QTM 1000 and QTM 1010 (new curriculum):

  • QTM 3610 Applied Multivariate Statistics

Choose three from the following:

  • QTM 2622 Sports Application of Mathematics​
  • QTM 3612 Data Mining and Business Analysis
  • QTM 3615 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • QTM 3625 Financial Simulation
  • QTM 3650 Case Studies in Business Analytics 
  • QTM 3675 Probability for Risk Management *If approved by the division chairperson, one of these courses could be replaced by a QTM selected topics or independent research project.

Courses Suggested But Not Required

  • QTM 2600 Linear Algebra and Dynamical Systems
  • MKT 3510 Marketing Research
  • MIS3520 Data Base Management
  • QTM 3620 Operations Research
  • MIS 3640 Problem Solving and Software Design
​For students under the new curriculum (Class of 2017 and beyond), QTM 2000 is not a requirement nor is it an elective counting towards this concentration.