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Safe Zone Training

What Is Safe Zone?

Safe Zone is an ally training program for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer/Questioning community. This engaging and interactive training is presented by Babson College staff. Participation in this 1.5 training will allow participants to receive a Safe Zone sticker to identify your space as a Safe Zone.

"I attended Safe Zone training not knowing what to expect, but I got out knowing so much more about it and glad I went. In my opinion everyone should go. It's doesn't matter if you're straight or not, everyone is welcome to attend, especially if you want to become a global leader."
- Lillian Reczek '16

Safe Zone Training Topics

  • Heterosexual Privilege
  • Common Language/Terminology
  • The Coming Out Process
  • How to Provide Support/Be an Ally
  • Resources

Safe Zone Participant Resources

Upcoming Safe Zone Trainings

For Faculty and Staff

Check back for training dates.


For Students

Check back for training dates.


Request a training

If you are interested in hosting a Safe Zone training for a group, office or department on-campus please feel free to send a message to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your group
  • Estimated attendance
  • Potential date(s) for the training
  • Any special requests or helpful information

Babson Safe Zone Educators

Babson Safe Zone Coordinator

Kevin Araujo-Lipine, Residence Education


Erin Carcia, Public Safety
Chuck Collins, Graduate Student Affairs
Marjorie Feld, Associate Professor
Katrina Fludd, Multicultural Programs​​​​​​​​​​

Safe Zone Sticker
Kevin Araujo-Lipine

“Safe Zone is a training program that allows people of all walks of life to discuss and understand the experiences of LGBTQ people. Each training session is engaging and practical for each participant, no matter what their experience level.”

— Kevin Araujo-Lipine
Director, Residence Education