​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Glavin Global Fellows Program


Glavin Global Fellows combine humanities and business approaches to critical thinking on global issues, language study and international experience. They also integrate Babson’s business and liberal arts education with international studies and proficiency in another language.


  • Recognition that markets your global skills and language proficiency to employers
  • Coordination of global studies with experiential learning
  • Opportunities to compete for mini-grant funding for study or internship abroad
  • Involvement in special campus social and speaker events for GGF
  • Advisory support by the GGF Board of faculty, staff, and other advocates

Upon graduation, a GGF will have completed:

Two or more courses in a foreign language

One advanced humanities elective (from the Arts & Humanities or History & Society Divisions) with an international or multicultural focus

One advanced elective in international economics

One advanced global business or law elective

An international experience: Internship, international study, or service learning experience abroad (or a U.S.-based experience with a multicultural focus). This includes developing an area of investigation (a critical question or issue to explore) and then reporting out upon your return as part of a fall or spring symposium


Active Courses That Apply Toward Glavin Global Fellow Status Include*

FOREIGN LANGUAGES (and which semester typically offered)

CHN 1205 – Chinese Language & Culture for Global Professionals (summer)
ARB 1200 – Introduction to Arabic (fall)
ARB 1201 – Elementary Arabic II (spring)
CHN 1210 – Elementary I Chinese (fall)
CHN 1211 – Elementary II Chinese (spring)
FRN 1200 – Accelerated Introductory French (spring)
FRN 2600 – Intermediate French (fall)
FRN 2601 – Intermediate II French (spring)
FRN 3600 – Advanced French (fall)
JPN 1200 – Elementary Japanese 1 (fall)
JPN 1201 – Elementary Japanese II (spring)
JPN 2600 – Intermediate Japanese (fall)
JPN 2601 – Intermediate II Japanese (spring)
SPN 1200 – Elementary Spanish I (fall)
SPN 1201 – Elementary Spanish II (spring)
SPN 2600 – Intermediate Spanish (fall)
SPN 2601 - Intermediate II Spanish (spring)
SPN 3600 – Cinema, Culture, Conversation (fall)
SPN 3601 – Spanish in the Global Markets (spring)

For more information, please also refer to the Languages & Global Cultures pages, including the Language Placement Test.


Accounting & Law
Law 3560 – International Law for Business
Law 3601 – Public International Law

Entrepreneurship & Finance
BRC 3501, 3502 –Entrepreneurship & New Ventures in China; Business Environment in Russia
EXP 3555 - South Africa: EPS Culture in Developing Economy
FIN 4570 – Global Financial Management

MOB 3540 – Israel Start-Up Strategy
MOB 3545 – Spain/Portugal Start-Up Strategy
MOB 3560 – Global Strategic Mgmt
MKT 4560 – Global Marketing Mgmt


ECN 3625 – Economic & Political Integration in the European Union (EU)
ECN 3645 – Business & Economic Policy in Developing Country
ECN 3650 – Contemporary Economic Systems
ECN 3660 – International Trade Theory
ECN 3662 – Political Economy of Latin American Development/Underdevelopment
ECN 3665 – International Finance
ECN 3677 – Regional Economies: Prospects & Tensions in Latin America’s Southern Cone


Arts & Humanities and History & Society
ANT 3671 – Material Culture
HIS 3604 – World War I at 100: History, Literature, Film
HIS 3601 – European Renaissance
HIS 3608 – Social Responsibility in Malaysia
HIS 3630 – C.I.A. in Asia
HIS 3665 – Revolution & Terror
HUM 3600 – Seminar in Human Rights (2 CR)
HUM4616 - From the French Revolution to the Sexual Revolution
LIT 3605 – Culture & Society in Developing Economies: South Africa
LIT 3611 – East & West: Writings of Trespass
LIT 3682 – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
MUS4620 - Global Pop ​
POL 3610 – Ethno-Political Conflict
POL 3675 – Justice, Revenge, & Defeat
VSA 3602 – 19th Century European Art

Intermediate Liberal Arts Which Can Be Counted as ALA when Intermediate Requirement Met:

BRC 2401 – India: World Religions, Ideologies, and Society
BRC 2402 – Russia in Modernity: History, Politics, and Culture
CXD 3661- Ghana: Culture, Society, and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
CVA 2002 – African American History & Foodways
CVA 2409 – East Asian Culture
CVA 2411 – Introduction to Western Culture
CVA 2455 – Peoples and Cultures of the Americas
CVA 2458 – After the Dictator
CVA 2460 – Living La Vida Latina
HSS 2013 – China Today
HSS 2025 – Decolonization & Revolution 20th Century
HSS 2403– Latin American History
HSS 2406 – South Asian History
LVA 2013 – Global Film
LVA 2016 – Violence: Theories of Cruelty, Evil, Inhuman
LVA 2476 – Radical Thought in the Middle East

*This list is not exhaustive, and other courses may be applicable or petitioned. ​​​​​​​​​​​

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