Slash the Trash Poster

​​Slash the Trash

Making Move-Out easy.

When: The last two weeks of school

Where: Your residence hall’s common room

What: Donate/recycle old clothes, electronics & more

Is your stuff too big and heavy to move? Put in a facilities web request through Portal.

Seeking an entrepreneurial solution to the waste generated during move-out, the Eco Reps launched Slash the Trash, a collaborative effort between Facilities Management and the Sustainability Office. Through this initiative, collection stations across the residence halls capture donations that are given to local charities by students moving out of their residence halls at the end of every spring semester.

Slash the Trash is a collaborative effort between Facilities Management, the Sustainability Office, and Goodwill.

Materials Collected

  • Electronics: Functional and Broken (to be recycled)
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Recycling