How Can I Give Back?

Taking Small Steps Toward Making a Big Difference

Michael Gray ’13 / Bellingham, MA

“At Babson, planning for your career is a four-year process. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in my career but didn’t know where to start. The Center for Career Development helped me narrow down what type of internships to look for that would fit my interests and prepare me for a position after graduation. The career advisors in CCD helped me write my résumé, prepare for interviews, and even gave me tips on how to stand out at my internship. I was an RA at Babson, so I even invited the career advisors to my residence hall to do an internship search program for my residents.

“The summer before I graduated, I interned at Collective Brands. The work I did was important to the company, and I learned a lot. I helped the company prepare for a merger, which is a unique intern experience. I also worked with fellow interns across the company on a project to help the senior vice-president better understand the corporate culture and ways to align it with the company goals. My internship was an amazing experience.

“At Babson, one of the most important things I have learned was how to work on a team and what it means to be a part of a community. From working with a group of peers to time management skills, Babson prepared to take on challenges at my internship.

“I want to run a socially responsible consulting company someday. I think I can make a difference by helping companies realize that there is more to business than making a profit; they are part of a community and have a responsibility to give back to that community. My travels to G​hana and to Louisiana with Habitat for Humanity allowed me to help local community members and share my knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. These experiences have reinforced my goal to focus on social responsibility in my career. And now I am working at Hitachi Consulting where I can start working towards these goals.”

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