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Education and Enrichment Podcasts and Webinars

Back to the Classroom (Back to Babson 2012)
Featuring Professors Anne Donnellon, Bill Lawler, and Andrew Zacharakis

The Enduring Eurozone Crisis and the Impact on the Global Economy (Back to Babson 2012)
Featuring Professor Kent Jones, Assistant Professor Nestor Azcona, and Lecturer Frederic Chartier, and Director General of the Bank of Greece George Tavlas '67.

Using Social Media to Redefine the Customer Value Proposition (April 2012)

Featuring Professor Dhruv Grewal
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Engaging Customers and their Networks in Social MediaThe past decade has brought about amazing changes in how customers and marketers communicate and receive information, how they search for information, and how they purchase goods and servcies.  The changes and advances in social, mobile, and online technologies have created a perfect storm, forcing firms to change their track and redefine their customer value propositions.  Leading firms are embracing these opportunities and working with their social media partner firms to actively excite customers with interesting offers and offerings, educate their customers, allow them to experience their goods and services and actively engage in dialogue with them and their social network.

The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders who Shape Social & Economic Opportunity (April 2012)
Featuring Professors Danna Greenberg and Kate Mc-Kone Sweet
In this world, which can be both uncertain and unknowable, traditional approaches to leadership are no longer applicable.  Today's world demands entrepreneurial leaders who engage a different way of thinking based on a fundamentally different world view of business.  Entrepreneurial leaders don't just find opportunities, they create them, and they do so in a way that creates value for themselves, their organizations, and the larger society.  In this professional development program the co-authors of The New Entrepreneurial Leader introduce the principles that underlie entrepreneurial leadership and lead participants in an interactive session to learn how to engage these principles in your own leadership practice.

Women in Entrepreneurship: Women Growing Businesses in the Stream-lined Recessionary Environment (October 2011)
Featuring Professor Caroline Daniels, Professor Candy Brush, Sara Gragnolati M'10, and Belinda Kokoeka Ephraim M'11
Women have always known how to stretch resources in creative ways to build the greatest benefit.  The recessionary economy has once again taught us that less may be more as we learn to sharply focus our revenue objectives, streamline our costs savings, and take advantage of government, corporate, and private programs to catalyze the growth of new ventures and job growth.  What resources lead to scalability in this economy?  How can women entrepreneurs be creative, use new technology, and develop business acumen to poise our businesses for success and future growth as the economic engine kicks back into gear?

A Buyer's Guide to Buying a Company (October 2011)
Featuring Alex Vantarakis M’95, President, The Vant Group

Most people in the US dream of owning their own business and this webinar will provide you with the basic foundation needed to search, analyze, value, and negotiate a business for sale.  Buying a business can be an exciting time, but without all the information needed it can also be a very dangerous endeavor.

A Business Owner’s Guide to Selling a Company (September 2011)
Featuring Alex Vantarakis M’95, President, The Vant Group
Every business owner’s dream is to ultimately sell their business for retirement or to move on to a different business or career.  Without proper planning and a general understanding of the business selling process, most owners will either never be able to sell their business or not receive the value from the business that they were expecting. In this webinar, Alex Vantarakis M’95 shares some key principles that will help you maximize your business value for an exit strategy, determine when you should think about selling, the must do's before you can start to sell, tips on how to ensure you receive the most money for your company and what a company is worth.

Mastering the Art of Sales Conversations (April 2011)
Featuring President, Mike Schultz M’02, RAIN Group and Lecturer, Babson College
How to lead sales conversations, influence your prospects to want to buy, buy from you, buy a complete solution, and pay full price for it confounds many people. But it doesn’t have to. In this webinar, Mike Schultz M’02 shares some key principles that you can follow to lead masterful rainmaking conversations, and win more than your fair share sales.

Accelerate Your Business: Webinar Series for Entrepreneurs

Part I: "Business Law for Entrepreneurs" (November 2010)
Featuring Professor Richard Mandel
It goes without saying that starting a business is no small task. In addition to developing a compelling idea for a product or service, the success of your business will depend on your ability to effectively manage a variety of legal and tax problems which are unique to business start-ups. In this webinar, Professor Mandel provides an overview of business law concepts for U.S. entrepreneurs.

Part II: "Building an Effective Entrepreneurial Strategy" (February 2011)
Featuring Professor Caroline Daniels
Companies must cope with transformational forces while developing cogent plans of action to attract customers. Beyond industrial forces, what forces must entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs understand and how can we measure strategic effectiveness in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment? In this webinar, Professor Daniels presents a model for assessing strategic impact that can be applied both to new start-ups and new ventures within existing corporations.

Part III: "Demystifying the Fund Raising Process" (April 2011)
Featuring Professor Angelo Santinelli
In this webinar, former venture capitalist and start up executive, Professor Santinelli, discusses the many considerations related to the approach and timing, sources, amount, costs, risks and control issues related to raising funds. In addition to understanding the implications of the various choices, the webinar explores some of the legal, contractual and moral obligations of the entrepreneur when accepting outside capital.