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Career Affinity Networks Podcasts and Webinars

Throughout the year, Babson's Career Affinity Networks hold many informative professional development events—including panel presentations and keynotes by industry leaders—many of whom are themselves Babson alumni. Whenever possible, these presentations are recorded and posted as podcasts.
Please Note: Each recording may take a moment to load.

Babson Alumni Green Forum

Babson Alumni Technology Council (BATC)

Consulting Career Affinity Network

Sales Mastery for the Independent Consultant (March 2012)
Moshe Cohen shares personal successes and challenges, along with practical selling lessons learned, that will further your knowledge about becoming a successful independent consultant.  After this seminar you will be better equipped to sell consulting work and launch or re-launch yourself into a successful career in consulting. 

Consumer Products & Retail Career Affinity Network

Social Media Marketing: Engage More, Interrupt Less (February 2012)
Over the past few years, social media has come into the forefront as a cost-effective tool to not only connect to the consumer but extend the shopping experience out of the store and into the consumers’ homes, laptops, and smartphones.   In the CPG industry, this new source of outreach has offered a new medium for firms to solidify their place in a competitive environment.  It’s up to them to figure out how to best utilize this opportunity.  In this panel discussion Professor Bala Iyer, Associate Professor of Information Technology Management, David Oksman ’03, Head of Marketing, Life is Good, Christopher Robbins M’03, Co-founder, Stone Hearth Pizza, and Pete Shea, Digital Strategist, Tank Design, how they have each adapted to effectively market their goods and services using social media.

Financial Services Career Affinity Network

Real Estate Career Affinity Network

Green Building Bust? How Over-Promoting/Under-Delivering is Stalling the Movement and What will Make it Mainstream (February 2012)
Kevin O’Connor, host of This Old House, shares his observations on the Green Building movement and why it is at risk of stalling.  In this dynamic presentation, Kevin addresses the critical failures of Green Building technologies, Green Building scare tactics and their effect on the market, which products and practices work and which make a home more valuable, and much more!