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Lemonade Day - may 2, 2015

Babson welcomes all alumni, family, and friends of the College to participate in Lemonade Day Boston! With help from ​parents, teachers, mentors, and Babson volunteers, children use the Lemonade Day curriculum to start their first entrepreneurial adventure. If this is your first time participating, read our Boston Story to learn about how we brought Lemonade Day to Beantown!

Any child in the Greater Boston area can receive the Lemonade Day curriculum and work with a caring adult to go through the lessons. The experience culminates with the launching of each child's very own lemonade business.

Here is how to get started!

Step 1: Register for Lemonade Day

When registering for Lemonade Day, each participating child must be entered separately to make sure everyone gets their own backpack.

Lemonade DayStep 2: Get Your Lemonade Day Backpacks(s)

Once your registration is submitted, we will mail a Lemonade Day backpack for each child to the address provided. Backpacks include:

o A Welcome Letter from our City Director

o Lemonade Day Entrepreneur Workbook

o Lemonade Day Mentor Guide

o Lemonade Day stickers for your stands

o Lemonade Day business cards

Step 3: Complete the Lemonade Day Lessons

Mentors and children can work through the Lemonade Day curriculum together to create a complete business plan! If you need any help, check out our great training videos for tips and tricks located at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Run A Lemonade Stand!

Lemonade Day Boston will officially take place on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 with stands running across the city and in surrounding towns. If that day looks a little busy for you, feel free to run your stand anytime in the first two weeks of May. Remember to let us know where your stand will be and send any pictures to Anjali at to be featured on future Lemonade Day marketing materials!

Save the Date for our two community events!

Lemonade Day Kickoff Spirit Carnival

Tobin Community Center

Saturday, April 25

2 to 4 p.m.

We are looking for volunteers to run carnival games and help the kids "cash in" their prizes at this event. Contact Anjali Wali at for more information.

Lemonade Day Sharing Event

Wednesday, May 13

Boston Children's Museum

Alumni Stands 2014

This year, Lemonade Day 2014 engaged 3000 students across the city of Boston, including over 80 alumni and friends of the college through participation, sponsorship, and volunteering. The Alumni and Friends Network distributed over 250 backpacks to alumni families and partnered with three educational institutions with current Babson graduates. All of their efforts were supported by donors that included over 30 alumni and friends of the college.

Cindy Ho M'02

Cindy HoCindy Ho and her team of young boys ran the The Lemonade 4 Luv lemonade stand in Boston this year. Cindy writes, "We had a wonderful turn out and the boys had a great learning experience. They had net earnings of $425.00 PLUS an additional $336.35 in their donation jar for the Lt. Walsh/Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund totaling $761.35 in earnings + donations. The boys promised ½ their earnings to the fund as well, so $548.85 will be given to the memorial fund and $212.50 will be split amongst the 7 boys. The key lesson learned for these boys was that no matter how good your product is, marketing, advertising, and PR is key to the success. Thanks again for this great teaching opportunity."

Scott Root '85

Scott RootScott and his 10 year old son, Myles, participated in Lemonade Day 2014 with a stand on Newbury Street in Boston. Scott writes, “Below is a picture of us in our Babson shirts. We’re wearing Polo hats as he set-up his business in front of the Ralph Lauren store. He set-up his Lemonade Stand business on Newbury Street in Boston and had a lot of fun and success.”

Alumni Stands 2013

Richard Greif ’90 and Tammy Milsky ’95

Lemonade Day StandRichard Greif and Tammy Milsky are three-year veterans of the Lemonade Day Boston program. The Wakefield neighbors gather their children, Noah and Luke Greif, and Lucy and Summer Milsky, each year to raise funds for their local food pantry. For Lemonade Day 2013, their Lemon-Aid 3 stand raised $1,300 that was donated to One Fund Boston and The Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. “Lemonade Day is a very proud moment for me every year as I see the kids work so hard and get so excited for the event, says Milsky. “I look forward to many more Lemonade days to come. Thank you for supporting such a great event. It has really become a fantastic tradition for the kids as well as our generous community.”

Kandy Rathinasamy M’01

Vivek Rathinasamy, son of Kandy Rathinasamy M'01Kandy Rathinasamy and his son, Vivek, participated in their first Lemonade Day this year with a stand on the Esplanade in Boston. “Vivek’s stand took in $96.06, thanks to the generous tips of the people of Boston, says Rathinasamy. “Parking cost more than expected and unsold inventory had to be sold back to Mom for well under cost. The venture capitalists (I mean, parents) got paid back in full, so he won’t have extra chores to do. After paying for gas, capital lease expenses for the juicer, etc., $41.11 of profit remained! Vivek is donating $24.67 (60%) to the One Fund Boston and Udavum Karangal; $16.44 remains for buying a good book—err, video game. Best of all, he had fun and received a crash course in entrepreneurship while he was at it. Thanks a lot!”

Mary Quilty ’97

Mary Quilty and her daughter, Rhen, chose to join a team at one of our city stands in Copley Square on Lemonade Day. “Rhen had an amazing time and was selling lemonade as the tent was being closed down!” says Quilty. “She loved it—she even started selling the promotional materials and using them as lures to the stand. A natural!”

Karen Kerr M’12

Karen Kerr reached out with an idea to utilize the Lemonade Day curriculum as an activity at the Bright Horizons Centers that she works with as a field marketing specialist. “AMAZING!!! The center raised $175 for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children,” she says, reflecting on the day.