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Emergency Notification System

Babson College uses several different methods of notification to alert students, faculty, staff and others in an emergency. These include:

  • Text, phone, and email alerts through Emergency Alert System (Send Word Now) which is imported from information that is entered by the Babson community member through the Babson portal
  • Email alerts sent out to all students, staff, faculty on their accounts
  • Phone calls to certain campus phones including voicemail blasts
  • Posting information on the Babson homepage, and the Babson Emergency Preparedness webpage
  • Information will be updated on the Babson INFO line 781-239-4636
  • Social media sites

In case of an emergency, these systems will provide information about the nature of the emergency, what to do and where to get additional details. Emergency updates and further information will be provided by posting to the listed websites, emails to the Babson College community and other methods as needed. It is recommended that persons do not call 911 or Babson College Public Safety unless truly an emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance.)