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Saltire | Sandy Kennedy

“Babson is playing an integral role in transforming Scotland’s economy through the learning and development services they provide to our Saltire Fellows. Their expertise in entrepreneurship makes them an ideal partner for the innovative and groundbreaking Saltire Fellowship Program.”

The Saltire Fellowship is a world-class, eight month program that equips a select group of high-potential fellows with the skills and attitude required to take a leadership role within Scottish business. The Saltire Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that was established because Scotland needs individuals with the business skills and entrepreneurial drive to transform Scottish companies into global businesses of scale. It has the support of some of the world’s leading multinational companies, as well as Scotland’s top entrepreneurs, Scottish Enterprise, GlobalScots, and The Entrepreneurial Exchange.

The fellowship blends the teaching from Babson College with hands-on international experience at a large multinational company as well as a Scottish high-growth, small- to medium-sized enterprise. In addition to delivering an intensive three-month learning experience at Babson College’s campus, Babson supports the fellows with additional learning experiences during other stages of the fellowship.​