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Babson College Emergency Alert System

RAVE Mobile Safety

RAVE is the emergency alert system used by Babson College. The information each community member enters into their emergency notification page on the Babson Portal is used to notify community members in the event of a crisis. This information when entered correctly will send out messages via text, e-mail, cell phones and work/home phones at once.

Why is the system important?

Communication is critical during an emergency especially when an event has the potential to affect all Babson community members. RAVE mobile safety will allow rapid dissemination of news and instructions to be sent to the entire Babson College community in the event of an emergency.

About the System

RAVE mobile safety is a campus-wide Emergency Alert system, comprised of a variety of methods by which the College can notify students, faculty and staff on an active, major, campus-wide emergency.  It allows for fast notification of emergency events across various channels, including phone, email and text messaging.

What we need/expect from you?

Every staff, faculty and student at Babson will be responsible for updating his or her emergency notification information through the Babson College Portal.  Each person will be able to provide up to ten communication methods through which he or she can be notified in case of an emergency. The most important part of managing an Emergency Alert System is ensuring that contact information is correct and up to date at all times.

Babson College officials hope to never encounter such an emergency, however, if one should arise, RAVE mobile safety will be in place to provide vital information to our campus community.